Ode To The Brexit Campaigners



A Dead Statesman

I could not dig: I dared not rob,
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue,
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among,
Mine angry and defrauded young?


Rudyard Kipling


A Dead Statesman


By The Way I Am A Traitor


I have been called a traitor before, but previously I really didn’t think much about it.

Once it was on facebook about a BBC documentary regarding FIFA corruption.  I was a member of a group supporting the bid to host the World Cup bid for 2018, and they were blaming this documentary in hurting England’s chances.  I defended them for essentially doing their job.  For that I was called a traitor, kicked out of the group & sent some very pleasant (and very badly spelt) hate messages.

The other times it is usually around my Republican stance (that’s opposition to a monarchy not the Right wing nut jobs of the US).  Especially when I mention that if wasn’t born a British citizen I would never become one as there is no way I would swear allegiance to the monarch & heirs.  This has mainly been light hearted joshing about being a traitor, though occasionally it has been a bit heated and serious.

The only time I have actually felt that the people using the word traitor at me really meant it and directed real anger towards me was being accosted by 2 Leave campaigners in the street.  After a few minutes of them arguing that the EU is evil and immigrants are invading and ruining this country, I just said all the legitimate arguments are for staying in the EU (with all its faults).  Then they just got a bit angry and started on about unelected EU (still don’t understand this, UKIP only became recognised and got significant TV time because they got some MEPs elected to the European parliament, by PR which is more democratic than first past the post!!) taking control and anyone who supports the EU is a traitor blah blah blah!

I just shrugged it off, turned around and walked away thinking what a pair of twats.

Then you look around & you see these all over twitter.


And of course there is this lovely piece of excrement:

###bf scum

And then people were surprised by what happened to Jo Cox.


Traitor: Someone who betrays their country by committing treason.

The wilful breaking up of ‘Great Britain’ (which will almost certainly happen if we leave the EU, as Scotland will force a vote for independence & it will almost certainly be Yes if they do), could be argued is treason.

So Vote Leave you are much more a fucking traitor than I am.