Farage is a Fascist Cunt


Farage is a Fascist Cunt,
Fascist Cunt,
Fascist Cunt,
Farage is a Fascist Cunt.
Boris is his Cunt in law.


Who Has Got The Parachute?


Congratulations Great Britain it takes balls to leap out of an airplane in the dark.


Everyone:           “Who has got the parachutes?  Is it you Sir Lord Nigel

Sir Lord Nigel:    “Of course not I was lying about all those 350 million parachutes we would have every week?

Everyone:           “What?

Sir Lord Nigel:    “I lie about a lot of things.

Everyone:           “But why would you lie about that?

Sir Lord Nigel:    “It was the only way to make you jump.

Everyone:           “Fuck!  Have you got them Boris the Fool?

Boris The Fool:  “Don’t look at me I only wanted you to jump so I could pull all the ripcords you stupid oiks.

Everyone:           “Fuck! Fuck!  Have you got them Gove the Pob?

Gove The Pob:   “Why do we need parachutes?

Everyone:           “All the experts tell us if you jump out of an airplane without a parachute you will die.

Gove The Pob:   “Experts, what do experts know?  Listen to me, I once jumped off a 2 metre wall & I only got a sprained ankle, I didn’t need a parachute then, they are a waste of time.

Everyone:            “Oh Fuck! Fuck Fuckity Fuck!!  What have we done?