A Poem on Theresa’s Tory Britain


Strong and stable?

Fuck the poor, immigrants and the disabled.
Despicable, vitriol and lies,
Another ESA casualty dies.
At the expense of our health
Tories garner the wealth.
Another Thatcher,
The fuckin milk snatcher
School lunches revoked,
Slow learning provoked.
Need care, feeling ill?
Don’t worry, we will retract it from your will,
Even with kids and spouse.
Thanks we will have your fuckin house,
No home, due to the benefit cutter,
We will just see you die, agonisingly in the gutter.
Prolific, profitable arms deals in place,
War more valuable than the human race,
Immigrants expelled,
Integrity repelled.
Buckshot, running as foxes scatter,
Animals’ feelings? Does not matter.
Continuation of intensive fracking,
Fuck the water table with government backing.
Europe eschewed.
Strong and stable?
Watch your hopes die and be nailed to a table.
(Author unknown, 2017)


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