Why Brexit would be catastrophic for the UK & Europe: a self-indulgent rant on a serious point


Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

I’m not allowed to vote on the Brexit referendum as it’s been over fifteen years since I’ve lived in the UK. I can understand why I might be excluded from local elections, even general elections, given I don’t live there anymore. But I find it pretty scandalous that I can’t express my view on a referendum which will have significant repercussions for the country of my birth and the continent I have lived in for all but six years of my life.

While I’m prone to a rant, I’m not one for political activism. There’s enough of that already in my day job and the other side of my family. But on this issue- and with no vote – I feel compelled to speak out against the blinkered small-mindedness of what seems to be a growing number of my compatriots.

This will be my one and only political stand, I…

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